About Me

Hi All Friends,

My self Prajapati Nilesh.

My Qualification : M.sc(C.A & I.T) – Master of  Science ( Computer Application and Information Technology ) from HNGU.

Home Town : Patan – North Gujarat.

North Gujarat University – PATAN.  http://www.ngu.ac.in/

Thanks for your comments  on my blogs.  And all the best to all of you for your great future. Enjoy the life  🙂

I got some of post from google search engine, and some of created by my self with example.

Adding post to here it is just for helping to others, not for my personal uses.


Thanks & Regards,

Nilesh Prajapati.



  1. Hi Friends,

    I know this nice person for three years. He is really very cute and intelligent person. He has too much knowledge about php. He knows the word knowledge. Because he has it. He is very intelligent. Nilesh, Best of luck buddy. You really feel lucky if you get this intelligent friend.
    Enjoy PHP.

    Vijay Modi

  2. Hi, your blog is very good and beneficial for me. keep go ahead

  3. Hai nice site

  4. Hi Nilesh

    I am a PHP Developer Working In chandigarh

    I want to be among your friends list

    can you add me in your friends list


    My Ids are qzi.umar@gmail/yahoo

  5. Hi Nilesh…….
    I look at your site it’s really good.
    I am PHP Developer in Indore.

    Suresh Prajapati

  6. hy i m employer in this com.

    i seen yr work.

    can u help m

    i want Add new link in table row with tex ensert
    help pls

  7. Hi Nilesh (; …….

    this is very good…..

  8. hi,
    I m a PHP trainee. I go through your site & found it nice.Can u plz tell me that how to refresh the parent window on closing the child window.


  9. Hi Nilesh,

    bumped into your blog when I was trying to resolve an issue with using boolean’s in MYSQL.

    I must say the pic you have here on your site is spectacular. Is that in Gujarat , India?

  10. Hey Harsha, Are you talking about main picture of my site ?? if yes then no it is not in gujarat. this is default image of this blog. i like this image.

    If you want to know about my city then visit this site:


  11. Thanks you all guys to add your comments and views on my blog..

  12. Hi, i am New for your Blog.

    i am raju form Baroda Gujarat

    i need help.

    in u r blog website i show there is shadow border at ,
    How is possible ? by CSS

    pz tell me if css so How.

    Thank You.

  13. hai sachin you are in cricket is out standing

  14. kem che,

    smarty ne varialbe aali didhu….

  15. it’s amazing how similar the image on your web site is to where I live (São Miguel – Azores – Portugal)


  16. hello
    its very good
    good louck

  17. Hi I just pass by and saw ur site, it’s quite good.

  18. hi nilesh bhai prajapti

    hu aza ma chu.tane ken cho?. i m froMEHESANA.NEAR PATAN.I M STCOK MARKET TRADER AND ASSISTANT EDITOR WITH A COPRPORATE WEEKLY FINANCE TODAY from mumbai since last 18 yers.i would like to have email friendship because when i did google search for our common nmae NILESH PRAJAPATI

  19. hey its very nice

  20. I did knew about session time out and put the key word “session time out” then open this website and i read about session timeout , i could easily understood about our tipic and i impressed to mr. Nilesh . I would like to say thanks to Mr. Nilesh .

  21. hi nilesh
    kem cho??
    i like ur site and work
    can v b frdz
    am also in pune n working on php only

  22. hi nilesh,I am mangesh i am faceing some problem from i have a counter field i.e no hits i calculated the no of hits but i want to dispaly the hits between two dates,from and to.are u have any solution,please guide me suppose u have any solution

  23. I am Bhushan Bamania working as a Web Designer in chandigarh…
    Nice work….

  24. Nileshbhai kem chho..
    really liked your blog and hope you keep posting usefull material like this. i would like to have your email address so we can keep in touch thanks..

  25. Hi Nilesh my self Anand Prajapati working as a web developer on php.Your blog is very helpful for me. and i am very happy to see that u are also prajapati…..

  26. Hi Nilesh,

    Nice blog.

  27. you are a great developer from patan

  28. entire patan is proud of you. thanks

  29. hi Nilesh I am From Tamil Nadu……….I am PHP Developer……..how can i implement AJAx in website…….so please guide me

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