Posted by: prajapatinilesh | February 25, 2008

Open office is not allowing us to change the content.

Sometimes some open office document will not allow us to change the content of form document.
Kill the popup: “Readonly content cannot be changed” in open office.

>>> Put the cursor inside the section.
Format, Sections, and turn off the write protection.

This is for if you want to allow protected area as writable.



under Writer, choose “Formatting Aids” and uncheck the “enable” box for “Cursor in Protected areas”

That doesn’t allow you to click in a protected area, so you won’t get the popup. it will directly move cursor on allow area where you can change the content.

Nilesh Prajapati


  1. Thanks! The latter recommendation (unchecking “Cursor in Protected Areas”) worked for me.

  2. Many Thanks, it worked!!!
    I had a .doc with check list boxes blocked that wanted to delete….

    Thanks again!!

    from Argentina

  3. Thanks Bhai. It worked for me. Appreciate it. Where is the above picture taken?

  4. thanks.. unchecking cursor in protected areas worked for me!!

  5. thanks. This was a great help.

  6. Hi Prajapati,

    I just came across this and your second suggestion worked for me! Many thanks!!

  7. Thanks a lot!

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