Posted by: prajapatinilesh | November 20, 2008

Google search criteria…..

1) It is working on “AND” operator.  eg.  you enter -> new reader
Google searches -> news AND reader OR readers

2) Does not search as exact phrase unless quotes present!
e.g. “Nilesh Prajapati”

3) Expend search with synonym? Use a “tilde”
e.g. ~infosys   ->  finds IT companies similar to infosys

4) Search by file type (pdf, ppt, xls, doc)
e.g.  “.NET Framework” filetype:ppt

5) Negative Search Terms
e.g.   nano -car  ->  will return the results with word nano but not Tata Nano car

6)Limit your search results to a particular web site
e.g.  sparsh  -> will get the pages from where the word ‘sparsh’ is referred.

7) Search for sites that link to a particular website

8) You’vd found a useful website & want to find other site like it

9) Google is a Dictionary — find definition of a word or a pharse?
e.g. define: scruples

10) Google is a Calculator as well
e.g.  10+2



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