Posted by: prajapatinilesh | January 28, 2008

Outlook Express Mail Backup

In Outlook Express, every folder – like Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, or any folders you may have created – is stored in separate files like inbox.dbx, Outbod.dbx, etc. To backup your Outlook mail, you just have to copy the .dbx files from the folder where your mails are stored to the CD or any other safe location. To find the location where your mails are stored, open Outlook Express and right click on any folder, say Inbox, and click on Properties, which will show the location where your .dbx files are stored.

To recover the backed up files at a later date, open Outlook Express, go to File and click on Import and select Messages. Select your Outlook version, click Next, in the next screen select the `OE5′ store directory. Now, click Browse and point to the location where you have backed up the .dbx files: all your mails will be imported.

You can always select mail by simply dragging and dropping them onto any desired folder. If you would like to take a backup of your message rules, block sender list, and anything Outlook has, including the identities, then you will have to depend on a third party software.

One such software is the Outlook Express Back up Wizard, which you can download at It is a trial version but works fine when reinstalled.

In outlook express if we configured any server mail account than during send/receving it will move all mails from server to local folder of outlook express.
If you want to keep one copy onto server , than we need one setting into outlook express.
tools >> Account >> select mail server >> go to propertes >> and select Advanced tab, and check the last checkbox “Leave a copy of messages on server:

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