Posted by: prajapatinilesh | October 11, 2007

Is it possible to set current date/time as default value in date column in mysql?

Data Type Default Values

The DEFAULT value clause in a data type specification indicates a default value for a column. With one exception, the default value must be a constant; it cannot be a function or an expression. This means, for example, that you cannot set the default for a date column to be the value of a function such as NOW() or CURRENT_DATE. The exception is that you can specify CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as the default for a TIMESTAMP column.

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  1. ALTER TABLE paintings CHANGE creation_date creation_date DATETIME DEFAULT ‘now()’ not null’;

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  2. Thanks alot, i found an answer here, but how can i use CURDATE() as a default except in my queries?

  3. use DataType timestamp and whenever u add a record it will automatically add current date.

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